DragIT has launched Online Project Management Software for Construction Companies.

<a href='http://dragit.in' rel='canonical'>DragIT</a> has launched Online Project Management Software for Construction Companies.Online Project Management Solution is applicable to manage Projects for the Construction Based Enterprises. Inventory module is auto integrated with this solution. This software is easily integratable with our Accounting and HR & Payroll Module. Also you can integrate your multiple branches, warehouse using the single platform.

Our research and development team will work continuously, to enrich the solution as per the needs of the Market day by day; and we will provide the updates to our customers free of cost.

Features at a glance:


  • Company Profile
  • Create Branch Type
  • Add Branch
  • List of Branches
  • Material Related Unit
  • Project Related Units
  • Add Operating Country
  • List of Operating Country
  • Add Type of Works
  • List of Works
  • Add Users
  • List of Users
  • User Privilege
  • Add GST


  • Add Customer
  • List of Customers
  • Add Vendor
  • Vendor List
  • Add Self Engineer
  • List of Self Engineer
  • Add Self Contractor
  • List of Self Contractor


  • Add Project
  • Add Site Engineer
  • Add Sub Contractor
  • Add Job Details
  • Prepare Project Item Estimate
  • Project Case Study
  • Project Document Management
  • Project Payment
  • Prepare Invoice


  • Quot By
  • Add Default Note For Quot
  • Add Note For Project Quot
  • Add Default Mode of Payment For Quot
  • Add Mode of Payment For Project Quot
  • Default Warranty For Quot
  • Project Warranty For Quot
  • Add Default Terms and Condition For Quot
  • Add Project Terms and Condition For Quot
  • Add Default Content of Deadline For Quot
  • Add Content of Project Deadline For Quot
  • Prepare Quot


  • Add Parent Category
  • Add Item Category
  • Add Item
  • List of Items
  • Open Item
  • Item Opening Report
  • Item GRN To Warehouse
  • Item GRN Report
  • Requisition Item From Project Site
  • Item Requisition Report
  • Issue Item To Project Site
  • Item Issue Report
  • Return Items
  • Item Return Report
  • Warehouse Stock Register of Item
  • Item Progress
  • Project Site Stock Register of Items
  • Work Progress Report of Items
  • Work Progress Graph of Items


  • Add Equipment Category
  • Add Equipment
  • List of Equipments
  • Open Equipments
  • Equipment GRN To Warehouse
  • Approve Equipment GRN
  • Equipment GRN Report
  • Equipment Requisition
  • Equipment Requisition Report
  • Issue Equipment
  • Equipment Issue Report
  • Return Equipment
  • Equipment Return Report
  • Equipment Stock Register